India Mart Data Extractor

India Mart Data Extractor Software
India Mart Data Extractor Software

Use the FREE TRIAL before you buy the product !!
The FREE TO TRY version is ready to be used for you to see how the India Mart Data Extractor  Software works. You can decide to upgrade to our unlimited results plan for small yearly subscription after you have tried the tool.

How To Use ?

Why Choose Us?

IND-MART INFO SCRAPER  is “Scrap the Public information”  it is a Predefined schema for easy and automated  generation of leads from the specific website

To extract information from Ind Mart manually by copy pasting could be both time taking and require huge efforts. A better way of extracting the required information is to use the automated tool like ours which not only extracts the information but also exports it in CSV format. It saves time!

The extractor helps reduce the human effort of doing the data entry jobs like COPY & PASTE and saves time.

How the Software Looks

Ind-mart Login

The extractor will take all the PUBLIC Data from Ind-Mart Website  from the leading Chrome Extension search engine.

This powerful web application  extracts details like Name, Address, Phone Number, Website, it provides all information which are public by user.

The IND-MART DATA SCRAPER  is Free for limited use, you can try it for free, use it and  then later if you like it  you can upgrade to our Unlimited Results Plan for a fixed small amount yearly subscription

If you want to find leads within minutes, then this tool is for you!

* IND-MART INFO SCRAPER  is a chrome Extension and not an web application, so no software installation required.

* The tool finds leads for business in any industry across country (India).

* You can qualify leads faster than ever before

* Saves time by increasing productivity by reducing hours and money spent looking for leads

* No technical knowledge or coding required.

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