Whatsapp Bulk Message Sender Software

Whatsapp Bulk Message Sender Software
Whatsapp Bulk Message Sender Software

Use the FREE TRIAL before you buy the product !!
The FREE TO TRY version is ready to be used for you to see how the Whatsapp Bulk Message Sender Software  works. You can decide to upgrade to our unlimited results plan for small yearly subscription after you have tried the tool.

Disclaimer- If your whatsapp mobile number is banned / disconnected by the Whatsapp then Infoscraper will not responsible and money will not refundable. This application is for old clients where you had already communicated with clients and client also saved your number – so you can send bulk messages to your old clients to save your time. If you are buying this software to send messages to unknown people then its against the whatsapp policy and please dont buy this application, this application is not for you. Please read whatsapp policy before using the software.

How To Use ?

Watch this video to know How to install Whatsapp Software in your Chrome Extension and How to use it.

Why Choose Us?

A BIG TIME SAVER: Whatsapp Bulk Message Sender Software help you to send multiple messages to multiple people with image, text and files.

Core benefits

– Increased conversion.

– Reduced drop-offs.

– Personalised suggestions.

– Send single or W.APP messages without saving numbers

– Send bulk W.APP messages &  Upload files and send globally.

– Your Virtual Assistant

– Automated Reply by matching the {Keyword} types.

How the Software Looks


This software is created to reduce the human manual work, BUT as per the Whatsapp policy , your whatsapp can be blocked by whatsapp if same message is sent to many unknown people.  Digital Infinite will not take any responsibility for loss of your whatsapp number, read whatsapp term use of policy before using this software.  No money refund for whatsapp software . 

All information collected by the extractor will not be stored locally on the computer where you install the extractor extension. The extractor will NOT attempt to offload, distribute, broadcast, sell or in any way share collected information. We designed Leads Extractor with the privacy of the user’s information in mind. All information which are extracted by using our Business Info Scraper  application are available on public and not on private, our application just help to reduce manual  work of users. Business Info Scraper Web Application don’t scrap / extract any information  which are private .

Names and logos used are property of their respective owners. We are not directly affiliated with any of the mentioned websites. We do not endorse stressing any of the mentioned websites for database building or similar motives. These tools are for personal use only and meant to save time for people in collecting data which is already available publicly to them. The end user must comply with the respective website’s terms of use or whichever policy applicable. We cannot be held responsible for any misuse of this software in a way it is not meant for.

Note-  In case of refund , 20%  amount will not be refundable in case if you have downloaded the data extracted from the software and only 80% of your money will be refunded . Refund will be in only case if software is not working properly and refund request send with in 24hrs after the purchase.  

Watch our  video on how to use software’s before using the software to avoid your ip address  getting ban.


WhatsApp is one of the most important messengers for each and every person. Mostly everyone uses WhatsApp Application today. But as you know you can only send bulk message to up to 5 people at a time. And to send it to more than 5 people at a time you can use bulk WhatsApp message sender software. This software can be used to send bulk messages to more than 5 people at a time i.e., even if you want to send message to 50 people at a time you can do it with the help of bulk WhatsApp message sender very easily and in a one go.

What is need of Bulk Whatsapp message sender?

If you are planning to grow your business then bulk WhatsApp message sender is the correct thing for you. Often, we have so many customers with  in India and from all over the world  and we have to keep in touch with them. Sending message to each of them can be hectic and time consuming. But with the help of bulk WhatsApp message sender, you can easily send message to all your customer at the same time without writing to them individually.

Benefits of  Bulk Wahtsapp message sender

  1. Send more than 1000s of message to everyone even though they are not in your contact.
  2. Send custom messages that you want including the receiver’s name.
  3. You can also send media files in it easily in this bulk WhatsApp message sender software.
  4. Create only 1 message for all your contacts instead of creating single message for all of them.

How to use Whatsapp bulk message sender?

  1. Download the Chrome extension of of our one of the best Whatsapp Marketing Software in India  in your Google chrome.
  2. Login to your software using the login id and password provided to you after you buy it.
  3. Open WhatsApp web in Google and login to the WhatsApp that you want to use to send messages.
  4. Now go to your bulk WhatsApp message sender software and type the numbers (with country code) you want to send messages to and type the message to be sent.

Click on send button and the message will go to all those numbers you have typed in the number section.


Customers world over are preferring to chat with a virtual assistant to get their queries resolved faster. And W.APP is the most preferred mode of conversations with friends and businesses alike. Support your customers where they are.

-Offer on-demand 24/7 customer support

-Send service alerts and updates

-Improve CSAT while reducing overhead cost Etc..

The FREE TO TRY version is ready to be used for you to see how the G-Maps Scraper application  works. You can decide to upgrade to our unlimited results plan for small yearly subscription after you have tried the tool.

Contact us – support@infoscraper.com

Privacy policy – www.infoscraper.in/privacy-policy

Terms of use – www.infoscraper.in/term

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